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What is the purpose of life?
If you could send a message to the future what would it be?
Why do you deserve to live forever?

Acclaimed author Chris Adrian (The Children’s Hospital, The Great Night) joins the award-winning creators of The Silent History – Eli Horowitz and Russell Quinn to create an innovative digital novel about memory, grief and love.

The New World is the story of a marriage. Dr. Jane Cotton is a pediatric surgeon: her husband, Jim, is a humanist chaplain. They are about to celebrate their eighth wedding anniversary when Jim suddenly collapses and dies. When Jane arrives at the hospital she is horrified to find that her husband’s head has been removed from his body. Only then does she discover that he has secretly enrolled with a shadowy cryogenics company called Polaris.

Furious and grieving, Jane fights to reclaim Jim from Polaris. Revived, in the future, Jim learns he must sacrifice every memory of Jane if he wants to stay alive in the new world. Separated by centuries, each of them is challenged to choose between love and fear, intimacy and solitude, life and grief, and each will find an answer to the challenge that is surprising, harrowing, and ultimately beautiful.


"Adrian and Horowitz stylishly blends genres . . . . The book zigzags between perspectives and concepts: the present and the future, death and rebirth. Adrian and Horowitz bind the fantastical with a very believable relationship: Jane's resentment, Jim's guilt, and their shared mourning, ground the science fiction . . . Graphics, color transitions, fades, and even the way in which the text sweeps compliment and contribute to this engaging digital narrative." —Publishers Weekly

The New World is a marvel. For the full experience, I’d recommend reading this one on the Atavist app. It’s a truly new way to move through a book—when I got to the end, I was so shaken that I had to pace the room. Chris Adrian and Eli Horowitz are not only reinventing the act of reading but also breaking our hearts with this extraordinary, digital love story. Chris Adrian’s imagination is borderless, and his narrative voice is like nobody else’s—sacred and profane, lyrical and droll and hilarious, and almost unbearably wise when it comes to love and grief. Even to describe this book feels like blasphemy but I promise you’ll exit agog, overjoyed, transformed.” —Karen Russell, author of Swamplandia! and Sleep Donation

“Jane and Jim have such basic human desires—they want to live, they want to be good—and The New World tracks how these basic pursuits can so quickly turn absurd, sad, and unforeseeably strange. It's a wild and fun book, yes, and also a precipitously imaginative and intelligent one. But maybe most importantly, its humor is profound and seems to come from the heart of an angel.” —Rivka Galchen, author of American Innovations

“I literally couldn’t be a bigger fan of Chris Adrian’s uniquely compassionate and wildly inventive voice. In The New World, Adrian pairs with Eli Horowitz to create a cryogenically intimate meditation on life and loss, and what it might mean to live forever.” —Nathan Englander, What We Talk About When We Talk About Anne Frank