A Matter of Honor

Why were three Afghan women brutally murdered at the edge of Europe? A journey from Mazar-i-Sharif to Istanbul to Athens in search of answers.

True Grit

When a storm surge swept dozens of cattle and wild horses from the coast of North Carolina, no one expected survivors. Then hoofprints appeared in the sand.

Fault Lines

A pioneering humanities magnet program shaped a generation of students and brought acclaim to a public high school in Los Angeles. But beneath the excellence lurked a culture of abuse.

King of the Hill

Andres Beckett dreamed of competing in a punishing rodeo event known as the Suicide Race. But more difficult than charging down the race’s dangerously steep track was earning a spot on the starting line.

The Fugitive Next Door

Tim Brown seemed like a typical Florida retiree—he loved doting on his wife, fishing with friends, and flying his plane. But his life was built on a secret.

A Crime Beyond Belief

A Harvard-trained lawyer was convicted of committing bizarre home invasions. Psychosis may have compelled him to do it. But in a case that became a public sensation, he wasn’t the only one who seemed to lose touch with reality.

The Voyagers

In 1945, a father and his young son set out across the frigid Bering Strait, fleeing Soviet Russia in search of a better life in America. Neither knew how perilous their journey would become.

The Shadow and The Ghost

A woman who called herself Reverend Mother claimed that she could perform miracles. The price was her followers’ adoration and obedience—and in some cases their lives.

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